Monday, March 29, 2010

First Day in Tokyo, Japan

We woke up in the morning feeling like P. Diddy . .(just kidding)

We spent 13+ hours on our Japan Airlines flight. Trevor puked on Matt's leg. Watched lots of movies. William was freaked out by "Paranormal Activity," Amy liked "Up in the Air," Yamini liked the Drew Barrymore thing with the Roller Derby Girls. Matt watched "Couples Retreat" three times and everyone watched "Blind Side."

Landed at Narita airport. Got bus tickets to go to Tokyo and William had a disgusting Japanese hot dog. The hotel is "awesomeness" according to T & W - nice pool, nice room AND American Breakfast!!

First night went to the Ginza (upscale shopping area) and had dinner at a Tempura place where the chef made two items at a time and brought each thing over. The cute older lady waitresses didn't speak English, but were very sweet. Went to Apple store and had pieces of these five-foot long rotisserie donuts. Back to hotel to pass out by 7pm.
Started first full day with Fish Market at 5am. Avoided getting killed by guys driving carts around, watched people bidding for large frozen tuna and ate sushi for breakfast afterwards (well, no sushi for boys.)

Back to hotel for breakfast and a swim. T & W moussed up their hair and we wandered around Tokyo on our first full day in some chilly wet weather. First stop Kiddyland - 5 floors of so many cool character stuff we liked but didn't need. Yamini's favorite - Snoopy World. Amy took Yamini to Shibuya 109, crazy store for Japanese teenage girls where they obviously spend way to much money on cheap clothes, jewelry, bags and cell phone decals. Matt and boys found Club Sega where girls go to have cell phone pictures taken in these little booths. (Some in french maid costumes . .)

Had soup for lunch (not W & T though) where you pay in a machine outside then go in and get your ramen. Walked forever to get to the very disappointing Pokemon Center. (Basically, a store.) Then took a very long cab ride to a yakitori restaurant only to be told they were closed for a private party!! Guy who worked there walked us to another place around the corner that was pretty good but Will didn't like the green stuff in the pork. Used our poorly working subway passes that only work on some, but not all subway lines to get back to hotel and pass out again! More later . . . .


  1. Very, very cool that you guys are in Japan and experiencing so much. Can't wait to read more - yay for your blog! xoxo.

  2. That was awesome very creative with the pictures and was fun to read,

    Can't wait to read more of blog

    - James

  3. Seems like a great trip! can't wait to go visit as well. Keep us posted with your adventures
    Tess G.