Sunday, November 28, 2010

Six Month Recap

It is now just after Thanksgiving, and we realized that we are sending out holiday cards that identify this blog . . .and we have not added anything to it in over six months!!
(Bad, bad bloggers . .)

So, for those of you checking in, here’s what we were up to in the second half of 2010:

-- Lots of Fun in NYC
Saw some musical performances (Jason Derulo,
Jakob Dylan, Avett Brothers), went to new
(and old favorite restaurants (Pulino's, Big Wong, Shake Shack), went to lots of museums, little league and Yankee games, and the US Open (Vamos Rafa!!).

-- More Fun in PA
Jumped on the trampoline, hung out with grandparents, aunts & uncles, and cousins Jackson, Darby & Flynn, went to lots of carnivals, ate lots of ice cream and other good food, nursed the occasional frog that showed up in our backyard.

-- Rites of Passage

Trevor & William graduated from
PS234 and moved on in September to two different middle schools. William is in Chelsea, Trevor in Chinatown and both are with old and new friends and doing very well.

Polly died peacefully in her sleep this November, after almost 15 wonderful years with our family. We were really sad and we miss her, but we are happy that she had such a good doggy life and was such a true and loyal member of our pack!

-- Summer Road Trip
We packed the whole crew in the car and made two stops at the Jersey Shore (Ventnor and Avon-by-the-Sea), then drove up to Maine for some picturesque views and good lobster, and back down through bucolic Berlin, NY on the way home. In each spot with stayed with close family and friends (thanks to all our hosts) and the kids had a blast.

-- Happy Holidays
Enjoyed Halloween in New York, Thanksgiving in PA and also celebrated some Indian (Hindu) Holidays like Ganesh Chaturthi (see the little elephant) with Yamini and the members of our NYC "Mixed Masala" group (some of whom have a “Desi” mom or dad, some of whom are also adoptees from India). For Christmas and New Years, we are off to Orlando with Matt’s parents, so we will be sure to post from sunny Florida!

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